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Own production of complete cycle

from development to application

Technology development

in our laboratory, we use the best materials


of goods on the modern productive equipment

Network of dealers

in regions as close as possible to the consumers

Technical support

provides maximum information about the products

About Us

Creating unusual paints - our passion. When from the result of the work is breathtaking, come new ideas. And again we are waiting for the sleepless nights in the throes of creativity. Bold ideas implemented innovative solutions. Sifting tons of information for grains of truth, the folding of disparate data into a single picture the right answers - it's addictive head. And again the result is breathtaking! Why do we need this? We breathe this.

Our Products

which has extraordinary properties, is extracted from the total number of simple products on the market. Luminescence, fluorescence, reverse return of the light, light scattering, the effect of "Candy", current-conductivity, radio shielding this is not a full list of its features.

Easy to Use

and does not require special conditions of use. Took and painted! – this is our motto. With this work, handle any.

Works Everywhere

and always. At the industrial enterprises, transport, security systems in the works-everywhere you can meet our products.

Advanced technology

of the leading producers of raw materials and our own development, bold ideas and non-standard solutions, allow us to create unique products of high quality.

Are Certified

that confirms our achievements. We are not resting on our laurels, and every day going forward.


We are chosen

by people who appreciate advanced technology

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Excellent appearance

from high gloss to deep matte, from the acid brightness to the noble of tones, from pearly overflow to the effect of "Candy" leave no one indifferent. This color always attracts the glance.

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High Quality

integral property of our production. Use of raw materials of the leading global manufacturers, original compoundings and strict control of production gives a guarantee in results of our work.

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Large assortment

of our paints in allows to use them in the industry, construction, on transport, in security systems, in creativity. Everywhere they find the worthy application and meet the highest requirements.

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