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A wide range of products from auto enamel to the luminous Wallpapers

Signal paint, retroreflective paint, luminescent paint, fluorescent paint, thermochromic paint, photochromic paint, paint for road marking, paint with the effects of radio shielding, electrical conductivity, auto enamel with the effect of “Candy”, interference, and other types of paints.
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Auto enamel with the effect of “Candy”www.ptkvesta.ru - автоэмали Candy

Auto enamel with the effect of “Candy” this is a fantastic color depth, a unique effect of a very expensive car! With this paint any car becomes a work of art.

Auto enamel with the effect of “Glitter”www.ptk-vesta.ru - автоэмали глиттер

Auto enamel with the effect of “Glitter” it’s more than just metallic – this is your bright individual style and great taste! “Glitter” will always stand out on the road.

Reflective signal paintwww.ptk-vesta.ru - Светоотражающие краски

Reflective signal paint “Vesta Луч-С”. Use in the field of labor protection for the designation of dangerous and oversized seats, as well as in transport to ensure the safety of the road!

Auto enamel with the effect of “Magic”

it’s just a fairy tale – click on the “play” and watch the video! The shock will be ALL! Especially effectively looks on cars with a silver-mirrored surface.

Fluorescent paintwww.ptk-vesta - флуоресцентная краска

Rich colors, great palette! Use for decoration of Your interiors!

Luminescent paintwww.ptk-vesta - люминесцентная краска

Luminescent paint with a long afterglow time up to 12 hours! Use in the field of labor protection as emergency lights and different pointers.

Paint for road markingwww.ptk-vesta - краска для дорожной разметки

Paint for road marking with reflective properties will be visible in any weather, in winter and summer! Easy to apply, abrasion resistant, bright.

Glow wallpaperswww.ptk-vesta - светящиеся 3D фотообои

Unique luminous 3D wallpapers large size – from 1 m2 and more. Charged by any light source and self-glow in the dark, gradually extinguished. Unlimited resource of work, totally environmentally friendly. Unlimited selection of images: more than 70 million paintings of various subjects. The perfect solution to Your interior design. Blend harmoniously with any type of premises from offices to children’s rooms. Easily glued, easy to clean, very durable. There will be a long time to please you and surprise your guests.