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The invitation to cooperate, how to become a dealer

Become a reseller of exclusive, highly profitable product in your the region is the right decision!

Our company is a developer and manufacturer of high enough marketable products, which has no analogues on the Russian market. We produce special paints that glow in the dark, in ultraviolet light, paints that reflects light as road signs, Glow in the dark photowallpapers and pictures. Currently in development are several types of products, which, according to our research, there is great demand. All products have passed state registration and has all the necessary certificates.

We are interested in mutually beneficial cooperation for the promotion of our products in the regions of Russia and abroad. To this end, we invite all interested parties to become dealers and representatives of our company.

Our dealers can become legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, with the trade structure of the profile direction and having a known reputation in the own region. First of all, this enterprise of wholesale trade of paint materials for implement our industrial paint in large packages, also it can be companies of integrated enterprise supply with an extensive network of sales and their corporate customers. To implement sets of paints for children’s creativity and sales of the glow in the dark wallpapers we invite to cooperation the trade network with an assortment of products for handmade and stationery.

For our part we can offer a quality product in sufficient volume in short time, media support, a full package of accompanying documents, favorable prices and conditions.

If you are interested in our offer and you meet our requirements, let’s take a closer look – write or call us and tell us about yourself. We will discuss with You the details of mutually beneficial cooperation and a link to your contacts will appear on this page.

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