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Excellent appearance

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Excellent appearance of autoenamel

Appearance is the first thing which attracts the attention, when talk about paints. Appearance creates an important impression of the paint. The story paints has more than one thousand years, and year after year people have perfected their. First, by trial and error, successful solutions passed on to future generations. In our days with the development of science work to develop new types of coatings transferred on industrial rails.

Conventional building paints, automobile enamels, industrial coatings can be purchased easily. They all have excellent quality and as like as two peas similar to each other. All this is very convenient for the solution of standard, ordinary tasks.

But here very unusual task appears. The design space, theatrical performance, creative gift, alarm marking for labor protection, radio shielding of an object, it is simple to have with what it is possible to surprise others… Maybe construction paint will approach? – no, ordinary autoenamel? – no, industrial coatings? – also no.

And here begins our possession. The solution of non-standard tasks always was our skate. The contest with the unknown, unexpected discoverys, which fill up our arsenal, and the achieved result often surpassing expectations.

We build the success not from scratch too. At researches and experiments the best production of global manufacturers of components of paints is used. Connecting interesting developments of one producers to unusual solutions of others, by adding our ideas – at the exit we receive that whereof even didn’t dreamed of.

The used high-quality materials allow to create excellent appearance, The used high-quality materials allow to create excellent appearance, beginning from simple lustre to effect of an interference, «Candy» or “Wing of a raven”. Additional additives allow paints shines, and to be at the same time absolutely transparent. All this unambiguously allocates them from a general series of standard paints and always finds its connoisseurs.

And as for us – to us just this interesting. First of all we seek to surprise ourselves.