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Fluorescent paint

флуоресцентная краска

Fluorescent paint

Fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” it is the perfect solution for arts and crafts. Actively used in the decoration of interiors of clubs, bars, residential rooms, as well as for theater sets and productions.

The ability of fluorescent dye glows in ultraviolet light, giving it high visibility. This feature is especially valuable in poorly lit areas and rooms. Even a small ultraviolet light falling on it will cause the bright glow and color will be visible from afar. To glow fluorescent paints need special lighting. The most appropriate wavelength of light of 360 nm. Such light provide a fluorescent lamp with a black bulb.

Fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” has a matte surface, which is important in the process of operation. This coating prevents glare and well masked in the dark. This property is often used for theatrical scenery.

The use of fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” in the decoration of clubs and bars gives them a unique atmosphere. Subdued lighting and luminous paintings favorably distinguish these shops compared to other.

Fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” perfect for work on the design of living spaces, especially children’s rooms. In the afternoon image can be completely invisible, but at night by the light of the UV lamps on the walls come to life fairy tales and fantastic stories. None of the little connoisseurs will not remain indifferent and will be remember his room for all his life.

Bright, shiny objects and inscriptions have always been used for advertising purposes. And here fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” will also be in place. It will help to create a catchy project to promote the advertising of goods or services. The original colors can be mixed together to get new shades.

Unlike luminescent paint, Fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” glows only under ultraviolet light lamps. In daylight there is also a proportion of ultraviolet light which causes the glow paint for this reason she has a bright acid color.

Thus fluorescent paint “Vesta Бриллиант” help to solve many of the issues associated with artistic creativity or the creation of effective advertising products.