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Glowing photo wallpaper

светящиеся обои

Glowing photo wallpaper

Glowing photo wallpaper this is an excellent solution for the design of any room, and also for works in decorative art. They will decorate any office, bar, apartment. In daytime glow wallpapers look like regular wallpapers. But when it gets dark glows without any whatsoever backlight.

For glowing photowall you can use your own photos and also pictures of professional photographers. Now there are many online photo banks with wonderful works. Most of them are made at a high artistic and technical level. The clarity of these images, their quality allows to produce large size wallpapers – up to several tens of square meters on a single image.

Glowing wallpaper is made of PVC film, which is special equipment applied luminous photoluminescent composition. The printed image is laminated and has a matt surface, that is important in the process of operation. This coating is easy to clean and protects the image from abrasion, it has no glare of light that improves the visibility of the paintings.

The use of luminous wallpaper significantly reduces the turnaround time for the decoration of the premises. For wallpapering need only a few hours. The work of the artist-designer takes a lot more time and the image quality is not comparable. All this is favorable impact on the aesthetic perception of the creative idea.

Selecting Images for luminous photowall truly limitless. Photobanks have tens of millions of images of various themes for all tastes. Here you can easily find pictures for your child’s room with fairy tale characters and fantastic landscapes. The living room will look great landscape theme, for the offices will have panoramic photos of cities.

Glowing wallpaper gluing, such as ordinary Wallpaper and this work does not pose any difficulties. For these wallpaper glue is applied special glowing “Светлячок”, which not only holds the wallpaper on the surface, but also it gives extra brightness of light.

Таким образом светящиеся обои помогают решать многие вопросы, связанные с художественным оформлением разнообразных помещений, suitable as an exclusive gift and will long to please You and surprise Your guests.