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Paint for road marking

краска для дорожной разметки

Paint for road marking

Paint for road marking is an excellent solution for marking on carriageways of public roads, parking, intraplant driveways, to organize the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians.

The paint has a bright color and high visibility. This property is particularly useful in poorly-lit areas and in difficult weather conditions. Even insignificant lighting will rather contrastly allocate a marking on the carriageway. Ability of paint to strongly hold microlenses on the surface allows to give her retroreflective properties.

Paint for road marking has a durable matte surface, which is important during operation. This coating is not shiny and is easy to clean, a clean surface helps to bright reflection.

Paint is developed and maximally adapted for mechanical application by existing equipment. Short drying time allows to minimize interference to the traffic of transport when applying markup, and also contributes to increased productivity. All this is favorable impact on road safety.

Paint for road marking may also be application in other ways, this is especially true in a small space, where the use of mechanized application difficult, or impossible. Increased resistance to mechanical wear, to oils, fuel, to de-icing agents to adverse weather conditions allows you to extend the lifetime and reduce the cost of the work.

The paints which we produce for road marking fulfils all the requirements of the relevant Standards and regulations and have all necessary certificates and permissions. The paint is made on the modern equipment of high quality raw materials.

Complete with paint can also be equipped with reflective glass microspheres. Their use significantly increases visibility of the marking in adverse weather conditions and increases the durability of the coating.

Paint for road markings can be applied to the asphalt, asphalt-concrete, concrete base, as well as polymer-coating industrial floors.

The color palette consists of multiple colors: white, yellow, orange, red, black and to adjust the markup in gray. Under the order can be produced any other color of paint.