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Signal paint

светоотражающая краска Луч-С

Signal reflective paint

Reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” it is an ideal solution for marking of oversized and dangerous places, fences, equipment, artificial obstacles, in the field of labor protection, search and rescue operations, as well as in the decorative arts.

The ability of paint to completely reflect incident light, gives it increased visibility under different viewing angles. This feature is especially valuable in a dimly-lit places and spaces. Even a slight beam of light that falls on it in the dark and reflected from the inner layers will be visible from afar. The reflection of light partially dissipates and further illuminates the paint from the inside creating the effect of a glowing lantern.

Reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” has a glossy surface, this is important in the process of operation. This coating is easy to clean and a clean surface helps bright reflections. It is important and aesthetic perception of the coatings, which can be compared with the color of the expensive car!

Painted reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” the construction of oversized or dangerous places are will be much more visible, and equipment, fences, artificial obstacles will always be in sight of people. All this has a positive effect on the quality of occupational health and safety in the workplace.

When conducting search and rescue operations, work in conditions of increased smoke, dense vapor or dust reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” will be undoubtedly provide an invaluable service. Objects painted with reflective paint can be seen at a great distance, that will greatly facilitate their detection.

Bright, shiny objects and inscriptions have always been used for advertising purposes. And here reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” will also be in place. It will help to create a catchy project to promote the advertising of goods or services. The original colors can be mixed together to get new shades.

Unlike retroreflective paint “Vesta Луч”, signal reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” scatters light and reflects it in different directions and at different angles. Thus, it ensures its visibility for the maximum number of observers.

Thus reflective paint “Vesta Луч-С” helps to solve many issues, Linked to security in manufacturing or creating effective advertising products.